I'm constantly aware of passing time and its relation to personal growth. However, my understanding of time is often clouded by the looming fear of complacency. The more time that passes where I'm not pushing forward, the greater I'm at risk of falling behind. I imagine two, five, ten years down the road, where I could be “if…” and where I could be “if not…”. When I applied to the World’s Greatest Internship, I didn’t think anything would come of it. I never thought I’d end up quitting my job after four months, giving up my apartment, and agreeing to this journey that would ultimately change the course of my career.

Time does crazy things when you let it guide you. I see this experience as a opportunity–a shift in my predetermined schedule to recenter, refocus, and reestablish a direction. I couldn’t have ever guessed that I’d be selected to participate in this program, traveling all over the world and working at some of the greatest studios I’ve known. I can't predict what the next year holds either. What matters most is how I spend the every day. Every day is an opportunity to take more risks, challenge your ideas, work more efficiently, work better with others, and (maybe, just maybe) be more of a morning person.

This website will update daily with a growing collection of data from my time during World’s Greatest Internship from October 2018 through March 2019.


October came and went in a flash, but what a great way to begin. These types of opportunities just don’t exist within the creative industry and it takes a really special group of people to have a wild idea and actually see it through. Between travel and work, the month was filled with many opportunities to set an intention. I started to realize that this is more than just my personal growth, but an opportunity to learn something new from every place I go.

During this first month, the greatest takeaway was how important leadership is. I thought a lot about the leaders in my life and the kind of one I want to be in the future. At Butchershop, there’s a lot of great leaders. In fact, the office is filled with the kinds of people you look forward to seeing every day. I realized that environments like this don’t just exist. They’re set with an intention, a vision about what a workplace should be like and approaching every action with that in mind. That’s the kind of place anyone should want to be.